Clarvision: Warehouse Management System

Discover the Clarvision module for automating and controlling the transfer of materials in a warehouse or production flow.

About Warehouse Management System

The WMS module is part of the Clarvision Business Suite and represents a complete warehouse management system developed by NTT DATA Romania consultants, specialized in this industry. The WMS module is an essential component of the supply chain, with the role of monitoring and controlling the movement of goods stocks within the warehouse.

The WMS application interfaces with Clarvision ERP and provides essential functionalities.


Goods receipt

Organised inventory

Efficient picking

Fast Delivery

Transfer between different warehouses

Transfer from the warehouse to production flow

Faster and more efficient with Clarvision WMS

Accurate and optimal inventory management

Add more speed to the picking process

Significant reduction of time spent on warehouse processes

Discover Clarvision WMS for an organized and efficient warehouse.

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