Clarvision: SeatPoint

Better office space management and increased employee safety

What is SeatPoint?

Part of the Clarvision Suite, the SeatPoint application, makes it easy and efficient to book office space in an easy-to-understand way.

Better office space for employees should be a priority for companies in 2021, as people and real estate management are two of the biggest challenges companies face.

At NTT DATA Romania, we empower companies to make the right decisions to support these essential resources, maximizing business productivity, and increasing employee well-being and safety.


Easy login with email & password

Fast building and floor selection

Graphic display of the floor plan

Fast selection of your favorite seat

Reservation of multipe days and hours

Email notification with the booking

Editing with a single click

Multiple options for rights delegations

A more secure office with SeatPoint

Save money through efficient space management

Minimize employees risk of illness

Improves the experience of returning to the office

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