Clarvision: Labour Reporting

Monitor employee productivity and ensures labour traceability

How Labour Reporting can help?

Labour Reporting is part of Clarvision Suite, our local ERP built together with experts in production management, updated continuously with all legislative changes in Romania, and validated with production leaders in the industrial environment.


Labour reporting

Time calculation of the execution process

Quantity calculation

Generate receiving notes

Barcode scanning

Employee selection, operation, and location


Remote production control

Access to real-time reports

Stay in touch with your business

Faster and more efficient with Clarvision Labour Reporting:


Real-time monitoring of the quality and quantity produced on each operation and production order, thus obtaining the production order's real stage.


Release production capacity in real-time by allowing production planning using accurate real-time data.


Keep the data about the worker and the machine that made a batch or a production order.


Permanently control the time frame achieved in the time norms.

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