EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Take your partnerships to the next level: the digital one

About EDI

By means of EDI technology data transfer is made through platforms thus the bureaucratic effort is eliminated. Companies that process large document volumes resort to EDI in order to minimize effort, eliminate errors and dramatically reduce costs. Large companies will therefore demand EDI usage a criterion to acquire or cease collaboration with suppliers.

Clarvision ERP supports its clients by integrating various interfaces with various EDI platforms. Clarvision project team commits to help identify the best match between your need and the solution.

Staying competitive and addressing market requirements

Customized solution according to your needs

Reduce work volume and costs by eliminating human error

Quick data transfer and automatic reporting

New challenges, new solutions: everyday in their relations with their partners, the large manufacturing, retail or distribution companies are processing a huge volume of documents. The EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) platforms are providing the solution: ability to process the orders and the delivery documents, without human intervention. Reducing human error and improving the relations are only two of the advantages of using this technology. If you are or want to become vendor for Dacia, Renault, Dedeman, Ikea, Hornbach, Praktiker, Auchan Carrefour, Cora, Lidl and so on, we can help you integrate Clarvision with various EDI solutions, to match yours and your trading partners requirements.