Clarvision Customer Relationship Management

Long term partnerships are based on trustful business relationships

Clarvision CRM

As an extension to the core Clarvision ERP, Clarvision CRM provides you centralized information about future customers and business opportunities.

In an increasingly competitive market, success is mainly driven by an effective relationship management with prospective customers and by loyalizing the existing ones through the ability to react in a timely manner to their demands and needs. Maintaining these relationships requires a rapid transfer of information. Clarvision CRM helps you keep up with your partners and customers.

Information access
Quick access to detailed information by accessing historical data for each client

Interaction management
Effective management of interactions with both prospects and existing customers

Customization of client relationship based on consumption trends

Gain speed
Reduced working hours with regards to sales process optimization

Coordinate marketing and sales activities

Sell more
Increased sales through cross-selling and up-selling

A record of all leads, prospects and existing client interactions

Analyze in detail the activities which lead to the realization of business opportunities.

Gain an overview of the flow of contracts and all of its stages.