Clarvision Payroll

Fast and easy salary calculation using complex and configurable rules.

About Clarvision Payroll

Clarvision Payroll, the suite dedicated to human resource management, is an efficient tool wich facilitates employee management and contributes to the simplification and automatization of the payroll processes, by optimizing workflow and by reducing complexity and volume of manual work. Clarvision Payroll brings inovative resource work models and offers better visibility on costs (absences, tracked work hours, overtime, turnover, etc.) clarifies the managers overvew on employee development.

Over 100,000 employees are managed with Clarvision HR, a software that has over 2,000 users. Regardless of your company’s size or activity, our solution serves your business needs and it can be used independently, as well as integrated within the Clarvision core ERP.

8 reasons why our clients choose Clarvision Payroll

Simple UX
The software interface is easy-to-use and easily configurable by any of your users

Towards your needs, adaptable to your business' workflows, custom reporting and configurable preferences

Define payroll indicators, custom reporting, editable fields, personalized alerts

Quick legal updates
The software is always up to date with the latest changes in the legal system

Security and data privacy
By setting user rights based on access levels

Allows the individual management of more companies with the posibility of centralizing the data

Hardware interfacing
Interfaceable with clocking, control access or other ERP systems

Automatic back-up
Ensures data safe keeping on the long run

Functionalities and modules

Customizable Reports

Custom reporting based on sought parameters, assuring data visibility and connection between departments.

Complete HR Management

Selection and recruitment, career development, employee file database, trainings calender and annual evaluation forms, from objective to results.

Multiple cost centers split

Salary cost centers split, interfacing the accounting payroll note with other systems, configuring constant monthly paramters (percentage of unemployment, percentage of retirement and healthcare fund contributions, etc.)

Data accuracy

Medical leaves data accuracy ensured through data saving system restrictions and warning messages

Adaptability and flexibility

Adaptable to all fiscal matters, given the flexibility of the editable parameters. It keeps a monthly record and includes salary grids for different categories with flexible compensation and benefits and a payroll simulator.

Automated process and reduced working hours

Automatic generation of 112, 205 statements, REVISAL and INSSE files, automatic generation of certificates, preset automatic sick leave calculator, FNUASS and FAAMBP.

Simplified data import and exports

Facilitates excel files import for: time tracking, advance payments, bonuses, withheld amounts, salary increments, meal tickets etc. and data export in .xls, .pdf, .doc and .xml files


Monitors changes made in the system; rights at the user level


Flexible and easy to use.


Runs 8.000 salaries in 60 seconds.

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