Clarvision Payroll

Accessible and efficient management of the entire payroll process and human resources.

About Clarvision Payroll

Clarvision payroll contributes to process automating and simplifying. It reduces the necessary time, the complexity as well as the number of activities to be manually performed. Clarvision Payroll integrates easily with your company’s systems and is simple to use.

Over 100.000 employees are managed by means of Clarvision Payroll, a software that has over 2.000 users monthly. Regardless of your company’s size or activity our solution serves payroll business needs and it can be used independently as well as integrated with Clarvision ERP.

8 reasons why our clients choose Clarvision Payroll

Easy to use interface and configurable by any employee within your company

Flexibility according to clients’ needs, customization according to company work specific

Option to customize reports by taking into consideration the KPIs for your business

Sistem is updated constantly and automatically regarding legislative updates

Data protection and security is ensured through user acces rights on different levels

Individual management of multiple companies and option to centralize data

May be interfaced with time tracking, access control as well as other ERP systems

Data protection is secured through automatic back-up procedures

What functionalities does Clarvision Payroll offer?

Customizable Reports

Export reports through a report generator and track the key paramerters for your business

Complete Human Resource Management

From selection to recruiting and also career development, while keeping a monthly track record of employee data

Payroll cost distribution on mutiple cost centres

Option to interface salary accounting note with other ERP systems

Data accuracy

Medical leaves data accuracy ensured through data saving system restrictions and warning messages

Adaptability and flexibility

Customizable salary computation due to flexibility in defining salary parameters and salary computation simulator, while keeping record of monthly historical data

Automated process and reduced working hours

Automated issuance of the 112 Statement, of the employee’s general registry and automated certificates issuance

Simplified data import and exports

Facilitates excel files import for: time tracking, advance payments, bonuses, withheld amounts, salary increments, meal tickets etc. and data export in .xls, .pdf, .doc and .xml files