Clarvision ERP

An accessible, flexible and scalable ERP software specially designed for the Romanian manufacturing industry

About Clarvision ERP

Clarvision ERP was fully designed and developed in Romania to help you manage the entire manufacturing lifecycle process. It assists you starting with manufacturing technology, orders planning & execution, as well as translating these into financial accounting and costs.

Clarvision ERP is a flexible, scalable and customizable system that can adjust to your company’s needs and specific.

It addresses all Romanian discrete manufacturing companies. The ERP system ensures thorough planning and tracking of manufacturing, inventory, supply chain, costs and cash flow, scheduled deliveries. Once implemented, Clarvision system will offer you a clear, real time picture of all process and flows within your company.

By means of Clarvision ERP

Have real time access to inventory status, avoid oversized and redundant stocks, supply chain optimization

Cash flow, budget planning and tracking according to selected level – cost centre, orders, projects

Adapt to your clients' needs by Organizing order deliveries according to negotiated terms

Streamline financial accounting and management activities as well as asset records

You can make customizations and price adjustments according to real costs and best supplier offer

Improve human resources management by means of actual data regarding work place efficiency

Improve management quality and product manufacturing traceability

Detailed manufacturing planning and optimizing according to order priority

You can control time and consumption compliance

Why do clients choose to implement Clarvison ERP?

Over 14 years’ experience in similar implementing processes

Our portfolio consists of over 200 successful implementation processes in Romania.

It’s a niche solution

This manufacturing ERP software was developed according to the business segment specific. Clarvision ERP facilitates detailed access to all flows and processes within manufacturing companies and addresses all challenges you may come across while managing your business.

Implementation methodology based on best practices

As a result of over 200 ERP software implementation projects within Romanian manufacturing units, the project methodology consists of 5 distinct, measurable stages. Each stage is concluded with client acceptance. Nevertheless, design is the most important, data migration the most time consuming and GoLive the most awaited.

Developed in Romania for the Romanian market

According to national specific, customized approach and our clients’ needs.

Adds to users’ accountability and helps them better organize their activity

Clarvision ERP provides solutions based on Romanian best practices across a variety of industries. It allows configuring and implementing in-house procedures and internal flows.

Created and continuously developed together with and for our clients

Clarvision ERP is constantly customized according to our clients’ requirements and needs. Our partners’ suggestions help us further develop and improve our system.

Easy to customize according to the evolving company’s business strategy

As a modular, multi-company software it can be customized according to each one of your business challenges whether by implementing new modules or configuring newly managed organizations.

Maintenance and support according to the highest standards

Incident traceability, ticket monitoring, access to previous solutions data base, instructions manual or standardized solutions represent just a few of the Clarvision Service Desk benefits.