Clarvision BI

Identify business opportunities in a timely manner and stay one step ahead of competition

Clarvision BI

BI technologies facilitate the analysis of big data thus contributing to identifying new business opportunities. These solutions’ main purpose is to simplify big data analysis and to trigger strategies in order to increase market competitiveness.

Clarvision BI ensures quick access to the data you need – your businesses’ main indicators. You can access key real time data at any time, anywhere. Clarvision BI is complementary to Clarvision ERP and is used as an extension.

You get the answers you need in due time

A BI solution facilitates an up to date perspective over the key indicators of your business. It helps you eliminate decisions based on assumptions. A BI solution can offer an overall accurate image based on relevant data accessible in real time.

Make the right decisions at the right time

Information accessibility is one of the strengths of a BI solution. This allows fast and controlled access rights to relevant information to people and departments in your company. They will be able to access key data in real time at any time, anywhere.

Have a single version of the truth

Clarvision BI processes ERP data, software that gathers all relevant data from inside the organization, thus avoiding department decision making based on reports with different data sets.

Has an own interface which can be customized according to each user's needs

Provides management reports through which you can track the key indicators for your business

It covers various business areas: economical, financial, manufacturing, human resources, payroll, etc.

Reports may be displayed through multiple channels: web interfaces, company portal or mobile devices