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We are motivated by our experience in the field, the desire to innovate and bring value to the Romanian business environment. Therefore, in the period 2019-2021, we are investing EUR 3 million in modernizing and adapting Clarvision to the market’s current needs.

For over 20 years, we have supported Romania’s companies by developing a 100% local ERP:

  • Built together with experts in production management.
  • Always updated on all legislative changes in Romania.
  • Validated by production leaders in the industrial environment.

We have over 200 clients with whom we have been developing partnerships for more than ten years


High-performance, scalable, accessible, and 100% Romanian ERP solution


Fast and easy salary payment so you can save time and money

Labour Reporting

Optimize employee productivity with tasks planning

Self Service

Empower employees and limits the workload of HR

Sales Force Automation

Increase sales by automating the sales process

Manufacturing Execution System

Increases production with efficient manufacturing

Business Intelligence (BI)

Collects and analyze data for better business decisions

Electronic Data Interchange

Automate the relationship with retailers by interconnecting with their platforms


Easy necessities, invoices, and suppliers management


Internal communication tool dedicated to company announcements, events, and news.


Intelligent and simple delegation management app


Centralise the non-financial benefits of the employees


Streamline office space and increases employee safety


Manages employee time and streamlines accounting processes


User-friendly mobile application for time-keeping


Manage customer interaction and generate new business opportunities

In 2000, EBS Romania, which further became NTT DATA Romania in 2013, started as a software service provider for the national as well as international market. Two years later, a young team was working on the development of an ERP product, meant to support all production focused company in Romania, by taking into account the local specific and mainstream problems the companies were facing at that time. Clarvision ERP was launched onto the national market at the beginning of 2002 reaching a number of 200 implementations in over 20 different industry branches today.

Our team consists of over 600+ programmes, testers, implementation consultants and user support consultants. Each team member has brought great expertize to the team from former experience within production companies. Together we managed to perfect our offer and services in over 20 years of successfully conducted IT projects. We constantly adapted to our clients suggestions and needs and do so continuously, which ensures our long-term and successful collaborations.

EBS became part of NTT DATA group in 2013. This brought a new identity to the company, while the success team and management that have ensured the company’s success up to that point, stayed the same. The new identity offers Clarvision the needed market stability, hence ensuring long-term collaborations for clients and partners in a constantly changing and unpredictable economic environment.

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