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Discover ScreenCom, the internal communication tool dedicated to company announcements, events and news inside your company.


With ScreenCom, employees are always connected to what's happening in the company through powerful and visual messages displayed on their computer lock-screen.

Benefits of using ScreenCom:

  • Unified messages
  • High visibility
  • Clear communication
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Free COVID-19 prevention Lock Screensaver pack

Upon your request, you will receive a free selection of screensavers with information related to COVID-19 prevention from the World Health Organization, to keep your employees aware and informed.

Manage changes and challenges with ease

Announce any changes and unusual situations with clear and effective visual messages to your employees.

  • New announcements
  • Organizational changes
  • Changes related to working flows
  • Crisis communications

Communicate employee recognition

As work recognition is one of the most effective ways to motivate your employees, ScreenCom offers the option to promote the work of employees and their teams at the company level, encouraging loyalty and performance

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Increase internal events attendance

Make sure your employees will never miss a company announcement again. With ScreenCom, you can quickly remind them about training sessions or company events happening now or in the future.

A work environment that promotes performance is built with a clear and effective communication strategy. Discover ScreenCom today.

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