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The lock-screen based solutionthat offers transparency in communicationwith your employees.

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Stay close to your people,communicate easilythrough Lock Screensavers

The most visible and non-invasive internal communication channel:

  • Quick messages to all employees
  • Easy to setup
  • Speak through images , text and infographics

> 1900 views per year / employee

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Free COVID-19 prevention Lock Screensaver pack

Upon your request, you will receive a free selection of screensavers with information related to COVID-19 prevention from the World Health Organization, to keep your employees aware and informed.

Crisis Management

Deliver high visibility mass-messages to all employees, without being invasive. Position messages in lock screen savers for high visibility.


Change is easier when things are clear. ScreenCom allows you to give everyone an overview. This transparency enhances trust in leadership.

  • Organizational changes or management structures
  • New ways of working / flows
  • Development of new projects


Among the most valuable and motivating bonuses at work is recognition. ScreenCom gives you the opportunity to showcase your employees and their teams at the company level, encouraging loyalty and dedication.

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Announce new events or highlight the most important ones. Use holidays wishes and create a warm office atmosphere.

Transparency is the key in creating a work environment that supports growth

Purposeful Work

Positive work environment

Supportive management

Trust in leadership

Communicate with your employees in a better and faster way

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