AVIVA – one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Romania and one of the most important suppliers for IKEA at a global level – has been using Clarvision ERP since 2007, a solution fully developed by NTT DATA Romania.

After starting its collaboration with IKEA in 2005, AVIVA has experienced an accelerated rythm of growth, which further generated the need to identify a complex and flexible management system capable of coping with the company’s rapid growth rate and data amounts. The possibility to plan and follow the processes of production, stocks, supply chain, costs and the ability to develop personalized apps played a decisive role in taking the decision to implement Clarvision ERP.

This was the starting point of the collaboration with NTT DATA Romania in 2007 (EBS Romania at that time). Clarvision ERP has been classified as one of the best ERP systems in the country eversince and has continued to improve its position on the market, keeping up with the requirements of manufacturing companies. Currently more than 180 companies in Romania have chosen to deploy Clarvision ERP.

The implementation of Clarvision was done step-by-step, ensuring integration in alignment with the specific needs for manufacturing of panels, modular furniture and parquet inside AVIVA. The complexity of processes administrated by Clarvision has increased exponentially with the company’s growth.

In 2013, Clarvision team has implemented a barcode-scanning app, with the aim to administer the diversification of the product range. Scanning the end-products – from production to delivery – has led to correct registration of documents, simplification and efficiency of data administration through process automation and order fulfillment analysis.

“A 10-year partnership with NTT DATA Romania could be briefly and correctly summarized by answering the next question: could the activities of AVIVA – manufacturer of a large variety of wood products – be succesfully administered without an advanced ERP system? The answer is NO, given the complexity of the business, the legacy of the company, the large number of employees (over 1600) and the permanent upward trend of the business. AVIVA reaches monthly sales of EUR 6,500,000, mostly from export activities. The use of an advanced ERP system  represents an asset in successfully promoting AVIVA’s own policy of adapting to new technologies, new market demands, new challenges in the business, economic and legislative environments. Honestly, we can not imagine AVIVA’s activity without NTT DATA, without this trustworthy partner that has further contributed to our growth by promptly and professionally offering their full support!”Gabriela Pleșcan, Deputy General Manager @ AVIVA SRL)    

The Clarvision team describes the partnership with AVIVA as one of the most successful collaborations on the national market:

„The collaboration with AVIVA is important, first of all, because of our commitment as a long-term business partner that we have made 10 years ago. As the company continues to diversify its manufacturing activities, we have adapted our initial Clarvision ERP system accordingly, matching the arising needs and requirements. We developed a partnership built on trust, professionalism and flexibility that, in time, has led to a close and open collaboration, proof being the fact that now AVIVA team considers us their colleagues.” Maria Metz – Deputy  CEO, NTT DATA Romania  

About NTT DATA Romania 

NTT DATA is a worldwide provider of top IT services and a partner in innovation. NTT DATA headquarters are located in Tokyo, while the company operates in more than 50 countries. NTT DATA is putting an emphasis on long-term customer-engagement and offers professional services, ranging from product development to consulting and outsourcing.  With over 17 years of experience, NTT DATA Romania has established itself on the local market as a successful ERP solution partner, supplying its own product – Clarvision. NTT DATA Romania had a turnover of EUR 43.3 million in the first 10 months of 2017, 50.22% more than the same period of the previous year. A significant increase of >70% was registered on the local market, with over EUR 10.6 million in revenue, registered at the end of October.