According to a satisfaction survey conducted this year on 180 companies that use Clarvision ERP, over 88% of them express a high level of satisfaction regarding the solution itself and the support services offered, saying they would recommend Clarvision ERP to other companies.

More than 88% of companies using Clarvision ERP are satisfied and very satisfied with the solution and their collaboration with the Clarvision team.

This year, NTT DATA Romania carried out a customer satisfaction survey with the aim to evaluate the performance of the ERP system and the quality of services. After rebranding in mid-2016, the company has placed a strong emphasis on maintaining and improving quality in service through professionalism and commitment to its customers. In order to get conclusive results, several people were interviewed – both executives and employees.

The most cherished features of Clarvision ERP are accessibility, customization capabilities, and reporting tool. Other ones mentioned are scalability and ease of use. Other reasons for choosing Clarvision are product functionality, NTT DATA reputation and recommendations from other customers. As expected, the professionalism of the team has played a decisive role in the implementation of Clarvision ERP.

According to the study, 54.7% of the companies noticed a clear improvement of the services offered compared to the previous year; 88% evaluate NTT DATA Romania services as good and very good; 79.3% are satisfied and very satisfied with the performance of NTT DATA Romania in the last year and over 89% of them would recommend the company to other organizations.

The longevity of our partnerships and the prosperity of both parties support the percentages and the reviews we received. Increasing figures, percentages, and graphs tell us that Clarvision ERP users notice an improvement in the quality of our services over the previous year.

“I am glad to see such results and what they show is the 15-year work of the Clarvision team. “We are the future!” and that requires us to always be connected to the future and to remain the same trustworthy partner of our customers throughout the digital transformation process “- Maria Metz [Deputy CEO, NTT DATA Romania]