The adequate approach of a business model is the main premise for customer satisfaction when using an ERP. Customers are looking for excellence both in consultancy services and ability to adapt to custom needs and furthermore for commitment in post-deployment support. The experience of using an ERP together with support services are the main reasons customers recommend such a solution.

9 out of 10 Clarvision customers recommend the ERP system, most of them being our partners for more than 15 years. For over 200 customers, Clarvision offers support 24/7 and a dedicated app for tickets with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) time of 48 hours. Our client-support colleagues offer a professional environment where the customer can find all the tools he needs in order to overcome obstacles that might arise in a continuous developing business.

The Clarvision team consists of professionals in consultancy, implementation and support, with relevant know-how in manufacturing industries: furniture, metal and others. The team is constantly expanding in order to ensure quality and agility up at high-satisfaction standards.

NTT DATA offers expertise throughout the business life-cycle: consulting, audit, design, innovation, solutions and services, as well as customization and integration, ultimately delivering performing results in every stage of the project.

Clients benefit from three different types of support: technical support within the business processes, professional HR support in staff management and adaptive implementation support for the continuous transition of the legal framework in Romania. Moreover, we offer specific forms regarding income statements, taxes and other legal documents, updated according to the laws in force.

Transparency and expertise in evaluation, efficiency and agility in delivery, competence and punctuality in support. These principles are being applied successfully within our own company – NTT DATA Romania.

Competition in Romania is flourishing, irrespective of the industrial branch, and companies – small, medium or large size – need support in their business processes so they can reach sustainable growth. NTT DATA is doing things differently not only through its integrator role or the variety of tech competencies of its experts, but especially through the way experts approach these business processes. Beyond numbers, the company consists of people who, I am proud to say, have clients in their center of attention and the desire to deliver quality services at the Japanese reference level, which is part of our company’s DNA. – Anca Moldovan, Product Marketing Manager, NTT DATA Romania