NTT DATA Romania recorded a 25.6% increase in turnover in the fiscal year 2018-2019, reaching a value of 72.17 million EUR compared to 53.4 million EUR for the previous fiscal year. The company’s profit also grew 11.83% to 5.86 million EUR.

After a period of accelerated growth recorded in the last 3 years, an extensive transformational program of organizational structure and business processes has begun in order to prepare the company for the next stage of development, given the revival of the world economy. An essential component of this new stage is represented by the innovative projects at the expense of linear, volume-based growth.

“We want a qualitative growth in the years to come, based on disruptive approaches and on big projects in cutting-edge technologies. An important role will be played by the company’s expanding activities in the emerging markets,” – Daniel Metz, CEO of NTT DATA Romania.

Qualitative growth has been one of the main development poles for the past 3 years. This provided the opportunity to access projects with significant added value and preserve the operational margin in a comfort zone.

The Strategic Development Program – A new stage for NTT DATA Romania

The first phase of the company’s strategic development program was the change in philosophy towards a qualitative approach, based on highly complex projects and increased added value.

“The business model based on turnover increase, accompanied by the proportional increase in the headcount (number of employees) has reached certain limits. This model will prove problematic within 3-4 years due to the obvious limits of the human resources market.” says Daniel Metz.

The fiscal year 2019-2020 represents the start of the second phase, with significant investments in the technical training of the team, in the remodeling of Clarvision, but also in other IP (intellectual property) based products and solutions, enabling a healthy operational margin to be achieved in 5 – 10 years.

“The next year will be for the entire organization a year of renewal, resetting, and reinventing our business models within our distinct market segments. We look forward with courage towards the future, given the high financial strength of the organization we are part of,” said Daniel Metz.

A continuous business growth on the external market

The external market continues to account for the largest share of total revenue (70%), with significant increases in the banking, manufacturing and technology sectors: Cyber Security, Embedded and IoT. Over the past 12 months, the portfolio has been significantly expanded by winning customers such as Westfalia Automotive, Horizon Global Corporation, CEMA, Dürr Systems AG, Optware, IFM Electronic, Lamilux, Mogic, TÜV Austria and others.

Business in the local market – 30% of total revenue

A constant evolution in the recent years is also represented by the increase in the local market share in total revenues. This represents 30%, compared to 27% for the previous fiscal year. Growth was mainly driven by projects in technology areas such as BPM (Business Process Management), RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Cyber Security, Embedded, IoT, SAP, as well as sales of the Clarvision ERP system. The portfolio has expanded by developing partnerships with top clients from various industries such as: Rompetrol, BRD Finance, Romstal, Premier Restaurants representing McDonald’s Romania, Auchan, Nuclearelectrica, ANCOM (National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications) Public Pensions and others.

About NTT DATA Romania

NTT DATA Romania is an IT service provider and system integrator, with a team of over 1,700 specialists in Romania and Serbia, delivering a variety of projects across diverse industries: Automotive, Banking, Manufacturing, Energy and Utilities, Public Sector, Retail, Transportation & Logistics.

The business portfolio includes the following services: development and integration of standard or customized software solutions, application management services, testing, quality assurance, IT & business consulting, IT security and infrastructure services etc.

NTT DATA is part of NTT Group (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), one of the global ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) leaders, with over 283,000 employees and a large portfolio of global infrastructure solutions, communications and IT services.