Case Study : Arsat

High control, enhanced quality and centralized integration with Clarvision ERP

Arsat is a European leader in the production of precision metal components
Solutions: Clarvision ERP, Clarvision Payroll
Industry: Production, metal

Business Needs

The customer needed a solution that would provide transparency, control in production, and, at the same time, efficient and fast collaboration with all customers.

  • Software integration
  • Multiple IT applications used
  • Controlling and traceability of work
  • tracking labor and resources
  • Cargo tracking
  • Status on customer order

NTT DATA Solution

The Clarvision @NTT DATA Romania team installed Clarvision ERP, adapting the system to the client’s requirements by developing customized applications:

  • Work traceability application with barcodes on tablet PCs installed next to each machine in the production space;
  • Forms for workers with information on:
    • Production time
    • Number of pieces
    • Quality status


The customer gained high control through work traceability, increased quality through QA reporting, and fluidity in customer relations through transparency brought about by centralized process integration, all of which generated efficiency and massive cost reductions.

  • Real-time data about stock, customers, and supplier orders;
  • The customer receives the information directly: the application automatically updates the status of the production order;
  • Customer customizable web report;
  • Fewer defective parts produced;
  • Labor traceability;
  • More precise control and post calculation.
  • The number of rejected parts decreased by 23% after implementation.