What are the reasons enterprises choose the implementation of an ERP, despite the high costs?

According to a recent study, when answering the above given question most of the respondents chose the need for performance as an option. Other answers include preparation for sudden scaling, integration of different softwares, but most of the respondents are implementing an ERP system so they can offer enhanced services to their clients.

The truth is that all of the above are side effects of the desire for optimisation – Business Process Management (BPM) – this being one of the main benefits of an ERP. You can read here (hyperlink to article: „the 10 most important benefits of an ERP”) other 9 benefits of using Clarvision ERP.

BPM means, per se, business process administration, driving major opportunities that significantly improve enterprise performance. It is simple: the business processes help implement the business strategy. They can be compared to the „brain” of a company. Running these processes is what makes the business possible considering that a successful business depends on how we choose to do things. The purpose of a BPM is to run smart: fast, flexible, efficient and cost-effective. A truly professional business process management (BPM) is therefore indispensable. Success is not detectable and measurable on the short term, but rather noticeable on the medium and long term.

The implementation of an ERP is one of the first steps towards a better business strategy and a more effective, sustainable growth through BPM. This type of management leads enterprises to success, with process modifications, optimised use and increased performance.



Source: 2018 ERP Report, Panorama Consulting