In a digital era characterized by automation, the only viable, efficient and prevailing solution for salary management is the technological one. Clarvision Payroll comes with the following 10 benefits that completely transform the payroll procedure for businesses:

  1. Safety in handling the information

The technical characteristics of Clarvision Payroll ensure maximum data protection inside the system. The existence of multiple user access levels guarantees the security of data management, meaning that each employee has specific rights to read, write or delete data, which does not allow disintegration or uncontrolled access to information.

  1. Qualitative data sorting

Information, an organization’s most important asset and source of competitiveness, must be used effectively. In a dynamic work environment, characterized by low response time and increased individual responsibility, the access to useful information in the shortest time possible is a guarantee for immediate, real-time reaction to change. Clarvision Payroll gives you the possibility to instantly find the exact information you need about a particular employee, without losing precious time searching for files across multiple departments.

  1. Agility and immediate reaction

The system ensures fast processing of input data, enabling access to employees’ data at any given time and monitoring their actual working time. It allows managers to react in real-time to system-flagged information and make the right decisions.

  1. Flexibility and traceability

The system adapts perfectly to the ever-changing needs of the enterprise, imposed by the dynamics of the competitive environment in which it evolves. The subsequent legislative changes are easily embedded in the system, as well as the subsequent expansion of functionalities at the express request of users. You can track exactly what is happening in the enterprise, notably in the production process – until you get the end product and sell it to your clients. By referencing documents (automatically retrieving data from a document into related documents that incorporate subsequent processes) the flow can be easily tracked in real time. You can plan and track human resources, so that you can engage them within the business activities in the most optimal way. You will gain increased control and visibility over the business processes overall through a more rigorous management of your organization’s resources.

  1. Allocation of human and time resources for value-generating activities

Clarvision Payroll ensures the automatic retrieval of information, generating lists and reports – tasks that are time and resource consuming if outsourced to the company’s staff. You can redirect human and time resources to more productive activities, with immediate results in productivity gains.

  1. Reducing human error

Through automation, the system ensures data accuracy. Employees will no longer have to enter same data multiple times (all documents and information are to be entered once in the system) which translates into a considerable decrease in errors due to negligence or incompetence. The information provided by the system will be accurate and high-quality, eliminating inconsistencies between different data sources.

  1. Costs reduction

Through a better management of human resources inside the production processes, the business activities can be simplify and improved, giving you the possibility to closely monitor  resource-intensive processes.

  1. Increasing productivity and efficiency

A better allocation of the workload and an efficiency of used resources will result in productivity gains. Interpretation of system signals will let managers easily identify defective processes and act towards their medium and long-term efficiency.

  1. Optimization and integration of enterprise processes

Centralizing the employees’ data in one single database assures easy access to information. Careful information management – both intra- and outer- company – and operability in decision-making are consequences of process integration and functional improvement and can be considered outcomes of Clarvision’s implementation.

  1. Operational business at competitive levels

The benefits listed above increase the competitiveness of an enterprise. The systematization of working processes allows managers to focus on identifying new opportunities on the market, diversifying their client portfolio or exploring new competitive advantages.